The Original Hannah and Hanna

I wrote Hannah and Hanna in 2001. It was about a 16 year old girl (Hannah) who lived in Margate and was part of a gang who made the Kosovans (who came to the town at the time) as unwelcome as possible. Hannah’s saving grace is that she is a brilliant karaoke singer. As it happens, that is the chief skill of Hanna, a young Kosovan girl who finds herself very lonely in Margate. This unlikely pair strike up a friendship through singing together and become inseparable – with dire consequences for both of them in the closed culture of the seaside town. The play is a physical and musical two-hander and it toured for a long time in the UK and abroad with the British Council, as well as being translated into several languages. I’m now writing a 2nd part for UK ARTS International (based in Margate) and Margate Theatre Royal, and, with the aid of some research money from Green House, I have finally visited Kosovo for the first time. The results of this you can read in another blog, Pristina Diary. I will be reading some early scenes from Hannah and Hanna in Dreamland (working title) in Margate on April 30th.