Dangling (2016)

DANGLING by Abi Hood

Directed by Renata Allen with a cast of ten professional actors

JUNE 21st 2016 and again at THE COURTYARD, LONDON JUNE 22nd 2016

In London a teenage girl has gone missing. In Manchester another teenager is driven to the edge of what she can bear. This dark, compelling story explores the consequences of breaking the normal bonds of love. When two girls inexplicably disappear, two families are left dangling. This stark, contemporary play looks at the damage that happens when you can’t trust the people you love.


Ian Gain and Charlotte Brooke


Abi Hood and Stephan Boyce


Maggie Saunders


Audience comments

I’m speechless. It was bloody fantastic.

What an amazing play – with such brilliant acting. A huge achievement!

Incredibly moving emotional theatre. Thank you.

Comments feel a bit flippant after such an experience! The idea of people left dangling has broken my heart.

Absolutely, totally brilliant!

A really powerful piece and very well acted.

Stunning and amazing. Marvellously choreographed, written and directed.

Just brilliant. Deserves a run.

Very cleverly written, harrowing. I hope it is not a true story.

Fantastic acting and immediate and gut wrenching proximity. Brilliant dialogue. A 3 Act play in a pint pot

Amazing! I loved it!! Great images and staging! Incredible stories, acted by talented actors!

Very good and intense acting. It kept you on the edge of your seat and had lots of deeper interpretive meaning.

Phenomenal acting and writing – very moving. Left me stunned.

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